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Unique Woodworking is known for its ability to design and fabricate a wide variety of stylistic designs. With a reputation for craftsmanship and a dedication to quality, our builders construct only the finest cabinetry products. We are experienced in constructing one of a kind wood pieces and are proficient in dealing with complicated niches.

We are familiar with a diverse number of materials and are able to bring many eye-catching, elegant design options to our customers, including choices in laminates, veneers, wood species, finishes and hardware.

Unique Woodworking utilizes Cabinet Vision software and is able to provide high-quality concept drawings and renderings of complete wall elevations, floor plans, 3-D perspective drawings and much more.

Production speed is an important factor in the competitive world of cabinet making, and in keeping up with our stringent goals for customer service, we give honest product completion times and adhere to them.


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